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Pay Per Head CA provides industry leading software to manage your bookmaking business. With our full-service pay per head software suite, you save all of the time and hassel required to run your business, so you can spend more time on building your customer base. We like to say the CA in our name means more CAsh for bookies. With Pay Per Head CA, you never more than $10 per head!

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Why Choose Us?

Free Sportsbook, Casino and Horses
Mobile Betting and Agent Reporting
Live In-Game Wagering
Custom Player Profiles and Betting Lines
2 Weeks Free
Never More than $10 Per Head
We run The Standard's world-class per head technology platform with easy to use software, sharp lines and industry leading customer service.
Our state-of-the-art hosting environment is hacker safe with multiple redundancies and backup power generators guaranteeing access at all times.

Step One

Sign up online or give us a call toll free at
(800) 713-3979

Step Two

A representative will help setup your account and customize the software to your needs

Step Three

Enter customer information and take control of managing your bookmaking business