Who We Are and What We Do

In business since 2005, Pay Per Head CA develops bookie software to help you manage your bookmaking business. Our software is one of the most robust, secure and stable offerings in the per head industry. For years, managing your own book entailed a lot of tedious tasks recording betting slips, tracking claims and managing payments and receipts. This may work fine when you only have a few players to manage, but as your business grows, the scale of work grows as well, leading to a much heavier workload for the bookie and unhappy clients. Using our bookie software takes the tedious tasks and makes them easy to manage and track, providing you with more time to scale your business.

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About Pay Per Head

If you are considering a pay per head solution, then you have already taken the first step to improving your game and providing your business with bigger returns.

Pay Per Head CA is a convenient way to manage sporting events, horse racing, and casino wagering for your clients. Even if you have a smaller group of players, our per head agent package offers you a complete turnkey solution for your bookmaking needs.

Pay Per Head (also known as Price Per Head) is the leading choice for agents and players to outsource their wagering services. Turn your local bookmaking operation into a fully functional online sportsbook. Our service offers your clients a wide selection of betting features, allowing them to self-select what they are betting on and handle everything quickly and easily online.

With Pay Per Head CA you can offer your players an unlimited amount of wagering options and activities. Players can set custom options including favorite teams, and preferred betting styles, creating a personalized wagering environment that enables players to seamlessly login once and use the same account balance whether they are wagering on a sporting event, horse race or playing a casino game.

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Top Security and Uptime in the Industry

We take your business seriously, ensuring that your players are always able to play and are satisfied with the sportsbook, racebook and casino is our priority.

Pay Per Head CA offers unparalleled hacker safe security on our servers, ensuring that your customer data is safe. Our state-of-the-art data center in Costa Rica is the 2nd largest purchaser of bandwidth in the country, making certain that our software is fast, reliable and stable.

Data Center Features We employ a team of skilled IT staff which includes in-house programmers, network engineers and data control technicians. Our staff has several years experience with online wagering systems, internet security and data encryption. You can be assured that our software is the most secure, reliable and stable in the industry.

Testimonials and Recommendations

John T. - Los Angeles, CA
"I can't believe how robust their offering is for only $10 per head."

Tommy G. - Toronto, ON
"I originally moved all of my players here because of the low price. I couldn't believe how much better the software was than my previous PPH, I'll never be switching again."

Dick S. - Arlington, TX
"My players expect quite a lot these days. Pay Per Head CA helps keep my business running smoothly and has all of the features I need to keep them happy."

PlayersJet - Online Gambling Reviews
"We have reviewed several Pay Per Head services and Pay Per Head CA is definitely the best value to be found. The software is fast, their service is second to none and the software has everything you could need to run your own sportsbook business effectively. Definitely 5 stars from us."

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