Pay Per Head CA provides everything you need to successfully manage your bookmaking business, from racebook, casino and mobile betting to full-featured player management software, it's all included for just $10 per head. You may have seen all sorts of offers around the web for $10, $8 or even $5 per head, but those services only provide the basics and come with plenty of stipulations attached. You will end up paying $20-30 per head for the same premium level service you get from Pay Per Head CA.

With Pay Per Head CA, you get premium level service for just $10 per head. No gimmicks, no tricks, no minimums, no up-charges and no hidden fees.

Premium Per Head Services
Price Per Head

$10 (Never more)

$20 - $30

Internet Wagering
Online Support
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
70+ Horse Racetracks
Casino Software
5-10% Commission
Mobile Casino Games
Mobile Betting
Live In-Game Wagering
Mobile In-Game Wagering
No Player Minimums
Fully Customizable Profiles
Player Management
Mobile Player Management
At Risk Amount Report
Daily/Weekly/Lifetime Summary
Balance By Agents
Graded Wagers Report
Open Wagers Report
Financial Reports
Signup Promotions
2 Weeks Free 1 Week Free